Helpful tips


Cookers are usually installed in the kitchen, and kitchens in the older buildings are not too large. The space is verified literally in centimeters. And in these circumstances it is necessary to keep in mind the area you have. This will help you avoid blunders when choosing a cooker. Compact cookers of TM Greta (50x54 cm) can be harmoniously installed in both large and small kitchen spaces.

When choosing cookers at our site, you can pay attention to the appropriat icons. They will help you find the proper width of your future cooker.


Cookers surface can be made in stainless steel or coated with enamel. TM Greta cookers are presented in the following range of colors: white, gray and brown. Enameled steel surface is more affordable and easy to care of. The surface of stainless steel is more durable and even easier to clean, but has a higher price.

Oven light unit

You no longer have to open a hot oven to check how ready your meal is. Simply look through the oven glass and make sure you have a perfect result!

Electric grill

Love baking with a tasty crisp but it takes a lot of time and effort? Electric grill will help you make everything delicious and faster. You’ll feel the difference starting from the first time of using it!


While cooking a dinner for the holiday table, your family and friends have gathered, but you can’t pay enough time to them because have to make sure your festive meals are not burnt in the oven? Then you just need a timer! Choose the proper time for cooking it right, and you can safely enjoy the evening, and the timer will beep just when everything’s ready.


Living in an apartment and having one day off a week, you often want to go somewhere out and eat delicious meat cooked on a fire. Spit helps you achieve this dream a little faster, it is used for making different kinds of dishes, including barbecue, so you can enjoy it daily.

Electric ignition

This feature is highly popular in modern cookers, and our company is no exception. With electric ignition you longer have to use matches or lighters, you’ll get rid of them forever.


indicates the temperature in your oven for even more comfortable cooking.


Depending on your preferences, our cookers are equipped with a metal shield (1470-00-12) or lid made of metal (1470-00-16) and glass (1470-00-07).

We produce cookers with adjustable legs, so you can easily align your stove with the height of the serving table.

Modern stoves are equipped with a drawer for storing kitchenware, so you can save the kitchen space.

Greta product range also cover cookers with glass facade. These cooking appliances are really appealing and add attraction to your kitchen. Take a look at the following model: 1470-00-07S.


We can’t overestimate the gas-control system of Greta cookers that will protect you and your family from the gas leak in case of sudden flame shot down.


A cooker can be named the central object of any, even the most sophisticated kitchen. Cookers are rarely replaced. Thus, it’s crucial to select a good cooker in a proper way with a special care.

If you want to buy a cooker, but need a helping hand to choose the right one out of the widest product range? Our tips will help you determine the main parameters of the new purchase accordingly to your requests.

First, all stoves can be divided into classical freestanding and built-in cookers. Built-in appliances hold a large market share nowadays. However, if you're happy enough with your current kitchen appliances or you do not want to order a new kitchen, the built-in cooker is definitely not your option. You can choose a budget freestanding cooker, but later if you still want a makeover in your kitchen, the designers might suggest a proper built-in unit based on the existing objects at your kitchen appliances.

You can divide the cooker types into three main groups: electrical (model 1470-E-07), gas (e.g. 1470-00-12 or 1470-00-07 models) and combined. Combined cooker combines gas and electric heating elements. There are models in which one electric hotplate and 3 gas ones are installed: these cookers are essential for those areas where the shortages in the supply of gas may occur (pay attention on the models 1470-GE-10 and GE-1470-00). Models with gas table and electric oven are in the rising trend now. Electric oven is perfect for baking, in is evenly heated and environmentally safe. Our range is also represented by combined cookers, with a gas hob and electric oven (1470-GE-09) or gas oven with built-in electric grill (1470-GE-07).