1. The warranty period plates 1 year from date of shipment through the retail distribution network, and for non-market consumption - from the date of issue of the manufacturer. 
  2. The warranty period plates installed in the dorm or somewhere else in common use - one year from date of installation, if there is no manual for the stamp and records of the installation - the date of registration plates by the manufacturer. 
  3. Warranty period of storage plate 12 months from the date of issuance by the manufacturer. Manufacturer's warranties are not valid if the warranty period has expired storage plate. 
  4. When you purchase the buyer should get a board manual with a note about store sales and check it coupon availability and completeness of the plate and the absence of mechanical damage. 
  5. In the absence of tear-off coupon to print shop to mark the date of sale boards, the warranty period is calculated from the date of issue of the plant. 
  6. The manufacturer does not accept claims for shortage and damage to the mechanical board after its sale. 
  7. Warranty does not cover the lamp lighting. On the issue of purchase should contact the retail chain stores. 
  8. Absence in the certificate of installation board denies the right of warranty. 
Attention! Warranty does not apply to plates, subjected to alteration and conversion and inappropriate design documentation by the manufacturer.